We Are With You In Your Journey

NICU Families Need Your Support

The Journey Begins

Nothing can prepare a parent for their baby being whisked away to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), yet parents face that reality every day. We are a family just like you and understand the challenges and stress NICU families face on a day to day. We are committed to be apart of your NICU journey, as you are not alone.


Having your baby in the NICU may be compounded by your inability to nurse on a schedule. You can pump your breast milk, so inform doctors and nurses that you’d like to do so, and your breast milk will be given to your baby there in the hospital (via tube, cup, or bottle), and/or you can freeze it at home for later use. Learn more information on our breastfeeding program. 

NICU Graduation

The NICU can be an emotional roller coaster for parents and nothing can compare to the excitement of welcoming their baby home for the first time. On discharge day ask your NICU nurse or doctor questions. It is normal to be nervous or scared, especially if your baby is coming home with any medications or medical equipment. Commemorate this moment as an end with one journey and a start to another. 

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